How we work

The mathematical model is the heart of predictive science. By the combination of scientific knowledge in the form of equations, a model is formed. The solutions to the equations are often corresponding to experimental results. The modeller's first task is to select details and equations significant to describe the system. The second task is to solve the equations or to simulate the system.

A preferable way to understand properties and processes is to combine computational science and experiments. The experiment is the window into reality. The model translates the observation into an understanding and may give information not extractable from experiments. As the model can explore properties that are hazardous, expensive or impossible to investigate by experimental techniques, modelling may be a most valuable tool.

We would be happy to assist your company with our skills and experiences within applied engineering mathematics. In a typical project we first investigate the issue at hand, by ourselves or in collaboration with the client. Then the development of a proper model starts. How detailed should the model be? What pieces of physics/chemistry are necessary for obtaining good results? What parts are insignificant and may be ignored? The model, expressed in mathematics, is then solved or simulated. Finally, results should be interpreted in a sound way.

All the time we stay in close contact with the client. As the project proceeds, we might realize that new paths are of importance and the model may need to be redefined. Communication and visualization are vital to predictive science. For us it is important to describe the often non-trivial models in a clear and pedagogical way. The personel at Wendelsbergs beräkningskemi has experience of many years of teaching at universities in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Often the projects result in computer programs that the client would like to use on a regular basis. We have a long experience of writing user-friendly graphical interfaces on various platforms.

Since the start of Wendelsbergs beräkningskemi in 2004, we have had clients in our neighbourhood as well as at far distance. It has shown to be successful to run projects at far distance based on close contact by telephone, e-mail, netmeetings and occasionally face-to-face meetings. Therefore we welcome clients worldwide.