Carina Bäcktorp

Senior Scientist

MSc Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
PhD Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

I am a physical chemist with a combined theoretical, computational, and laboratory education, and with a working experience both from the academia and the industry.

I am trained to use computer experiments to predict and/or understand chemical reactions as well as using and designing theoretical models. I have contributed to both experimental and theoretical method developments

I have worked as a researcher for 17 years within many different chemical fields, and therefore have a broad chemical knowledge. My main expertise is within degradation and oxidation reactions, and I have a thorough understanding of this specific chemistry and what factors that make a compound/material sensitive to degradation. I have a thorough experience from quantum mechanical (QM) programing software of various kinds.

 As a consultant at Wendelsbergs beräkningskemi, I am working and managing various projects in many different scientific areas including polymers, biofilms, antioxidants and material stabilities and more.

My work includes developing mathematical models, usually by using the programming langauages FORTRAN and VISUAL BASIC. To develop the codes, the task also includes to extensively go through literature. Other current work duties include the use of COMSOL Multiphysics and MATLAB for modeling different kinds of reactions, and to verifying and testing the program developed.

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