Jens Poulsen

Senior Scientist

MSc Chemistry & Mathematics, Aarhus University, Denmark
PhD Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark
Former research associate at Department of Chemistry, Gothenburg University

I work in the field of physical chemistry. Typical problems involves diffusion in complex materials, surface exchange processes and polymer mixtures. For a given problem, I apply the relevant equations of physical chemistry and implement them on a computer.

As a graduate student in chemistry, I worked with theoretical physical chemistry at the Dept. of Chemistry, Aarhus university.  The subject was modeling vibrational relaxation of molecules in aqueous solution by Molecular Dynamics simulation.

After my PhD in 2001, I worked as a Post-Doc at the department of physical chemistry, Gothenburg university for two years. Following this, I was as research associate for four years the same place. My research concerned how to include nuclear quantum effects into molecular simulation. 

I am currently adjoint lecturer at the Dept. of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Gothenburg Uni.

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