University contacts


Aarhus University

Søren Keiding, Professor, Chemistry

Chalmers University of Technology and/or
University of Gothenburg

Arne Rosén, Professor Emeritus, Physics

Gunnar Nyman, Professor, Physical Chemistry

Itai Panas, Professor, Theoretical Chemistry

Johan Bergenholtz, Professor, Physical Chemistry

Kalle Sigfridsson, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Technology
(also Associated Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca)

Leif Eriksson, Professor, Physical Chemistry

Lennart Lindfors, Adjunct Professor, Physical Chemistry
(also Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca)

Patrik Johansson, Professor, Applied Physics

Staffan Wall, Docent, Physical Chemistry

Sture Nordholm, Professor Emeritus, Physical Chemistry

Karolinska institutet

Ralph Köll, Professor, Myocardial Genetics
(also Professor, Imperial Collage London and
Chief Scientist, AstraZeneca)

Keio University

Hiromishi Yanagihara, Researcher, Mechanical Engineering at
System Design Management 

Lund University

Ulf Olsson, Professor, Physical Chemistry

Stockholm University

Alexander Lyubartsev, Professor, Materials and Environmental Chemistry

University of Borås

Kim Bolton, Professor, Physical Chemistry

University of Canterbury

Leon Phillips, Professor, Physical Chemistry

University of Colorado

James G. Brasseur, Research Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences

University of Notre Dame

Per-Ola Norrby, Adjunct Professor, Organic Chemistry
(also Adjunct Professor, Organic Chemistry, University of Gothenburg and
Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca)

University of Texas at Austin

Peter J. Rossky, Professor, Chemical Engineering


Uppsala University

Hans Lennernäs, Professor, Biopharmaceutics

Erik Sjögren, Associate Professor, Biopharmaceutics



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